29 Jun 2007

Le partie democrate italien ...

Notre bataille entre dans le debat autour du Partie Democrate italian (www.imille.org/idee), mais sans exclusion de tous autres personnes ou mouvements au dehors du PD italien.

Philippe Bracke parle de ce combat (http://philippebracke.blogspot.com/ ) et justement on peu dir:
"No taxation without representation" mais aussi "No representation without taxation", provocatoirement.

8 May 2007


Few statistics from Giodi on European Citizen in Italy, Germany and UK without full democratics rights:

Italy: 223.537 (2005 statistics) + new countries (about 300.000 roumanians) so about 500.000 people

Germany: 2.183.365 (december 2006 statistics)

UK: 800.000 (old 1997 data)

UK citizens in other EU countries are about about 300.000 (in italy they are 23.324).
So there are MILLIONS of european citizens without vote rights!!!!

7 May 2007


In these last days i sent different mails to italian representatives in european and homeland parlaments, receiving some answers. First I should mention a reply by Fausto Bertinotti (a mail sent by someone from his staff but signed by himself), then on.Cassola (Verdi-Ulivo) the first one that answer me. I should thank also on.Giusto Catania (Rifondazione Comunista), who provided me a test that was voted by his europarlament commission but after stopped by the parliament. Finally, on. Antonio Razzi (Italia dei Valori), deputee of the italians resiedent in Europe, that supports us in the Italian parliament. He was very kind as well as the IDV staff that put me in contact with him. I received other few answers, from la Margherita online (they suggest me to contact someone but then nothing) and other automatic ones, mainly from french parties web-sites.

So, beyond these first supports that should motivate us to following our actions, the fact that only italians answer me reflects the large nationalism still governing political forces (neither PCF answers me). Of course the french elections have occupied french politics much more then these european questions (but UMP and UDF sent me at least a standard answer following my mails). So the best will be to following contacts with homeland representatives and trying to contact in situ ones.

24 Apr 2007

Something was done

I have kindly received an information from Giusto Catania, italian europarlament of Rifondazione Comunista, saying that a report on this subject was still adopted by the Committee Civic Libertice, Justice and Home Affairs of the Europarlment (on december 2005), but further REJECTED BY THE PARLAMENT.

You can find details on

Italian Version

French Version

English Version

So let's go study in details this report and mobilize ourself for new 2009 elections. It would be nice to know who have rejected this report in the parlament, since it was adopted by the committee (25 vs 15)

23 Apr 2007

No Comment

Constitution du 24 juin 1793

ACTE CONSTITUTIONNEL - De l'état des citoyens

Article 4. - Tout homme né et domicilié en France, âgé de vingt et un ans accomplis ; - Tout étranger âgé de vingt et un ans accomplis, qui, domicilié en France depuis une année - Y vit de son travail - Ou acquiert une propriété - Ou épouse une Française - Ou adopte un enfant - Ou nourrit un vieillard ; - Tout étranger enfin, qui sera jugé par le Corps législatif avoir bien mérité de l'humanité - Est admis à l'exercice des Droits de citoyen français.

21 Apr 2007

Wrong Rigths

So, what i wrote in the "Lettre Ouverte" it's not completely correct, since italians that choose for a French nationality will loose the original italian nationality. As i posted, it is a complicate matter different for each "couple" of countries.

Then, the situation for european citizens is still paradoxal (and highly anti-democratic):
we can vote for the parliament of our original country (where we do not live neither pay taxes) but not for the parliament of our new living country.

I have contacted many people, and at the present time only On. Arnold Cassola (Green Party - Ulivo) answered me, saying that things are as i say and we have to hope for an European Constitution. So, as Giodi says, let's go with the petition!